My friend Jason over at wrote a great article about Green Day teaching us about social media. Head on over and have a read. Here's an excerpt:

"As Green Day began to find its sound — driving punk riffs with Billy Joe Armstrong’s forceful, yet melodic overtones — it began to collect quite a following. Kerplunk, the band’s second full-length album, sold around 50,000 copies in the U.S. That’s almost enough to be eschewed by the punk underground as being too successful.

Coincidentally, forums and message boards about companies and brands, even some rudimentary blogs about them, began to pop up around the Internet. While the companies, in general, had no clue there was a social groundswell happening online, and were, thus, not participating in the conversations, several individuals at companies were. Online conversations about products and services was happening."

Jason Falls thinks about the Internet and communications, most often for Doe-Anderson, a brand-building agency in Louisville, Ky. A public relations professional by trade and writer by craft, Falls is president and co-founder of the Social Media Club Louisville. This blog is his own, contains his opinions and observations and does not necessarily reflect those of Doe-Anderson or its clients. For more email him at


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