Humans + Change = Ughly

Every Saturday for the last *as long as I can rememebr*, I've started out every saturday the exact same way.

Except for today.

Fellow co-worker for the FAIL.

Well, back to the grind @ the store today.

This morning, I forgot to get my iPod outta my wife's new Dodge Caliber. I was off yesterday and on days I'm off, she gets the iPod. I will never make that mistake again.

Most people don't like the mid-shift, yet they know it's a crucial part of retail. Mid-shifters serve as the balance between the morning and the late shift, which are the ideal shifts to have.  Why you ask? Well, there's plenty of time to do stuff in the morning before you go to work or in the evening after work.  Mid-shift, not so much. Just enough time to get up, go to work and get back home. At least when the commute is 45 minutes, each way. 

So at least once a week, I have a mid-shift. That was today. Now, I don't mind it usually. I have my iPod to keep me company. I listen to TWIT on Tuesdays, Wait Wait on Wednesdays, TWIM on Thursdays, Music/Catchup on Friday, and The Instance on Saturday. It's a science. 

But when you leave your iPod at home (and don't own an iPhone), you my friend, are SOL. You're left to wonder what your going to think about the next 35-50 miles, as the sound of wind whizzes past your window. What's that car there going to do next? What was the owner thinking when s/he chose to paint that Dodge Charger purple? How many asshole Bama fans are there on the road? What would it take to gett'em loose and into the wall? My personal favorite was how many places on the way home could you crash where it would take more than 4 hours for someone to find you. 

I counted 17.

Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day = Freedom

Fried Dill Pickles are a great memorial day treat.

WOW...Keith says it all...

No one cares about you playing golf.

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