Random Friend Quotes

"You know it's going to snow on Sunday..."

"yea, look at the jetstream! Sarah Palin must have sneezed!"

Random Friend Quotes

"My MacBook has solved a lot of my problems but not all of them. Solution? Buy more Apple products!"


Wish I had caught this in enough time to go. More details on bhamama.org

Can Social Media Boom in a Bust Economy?

As Social Media Strategist for Birmingham-based Luckie & Co., David Griner helps businesses and nonprofits of all sizes embrace today's rapidly evolving communication tools.

He writes about social media issues on his blog, TheSocialPath.com, and is a regular contributor to Adweek's daily blog, AdFreak.com. Two of his agency's social-powered projects, The Year of Alabama Arts and The Five Day Weekend campaign for Asheville, N.C., were recently honored with several of the national tourism industry's highest awards

Rare Sportsmanship

Best Friend Quotes: #2

Pre-text: Read Andy Ihnatko's Chicago-Sun Times column: Microsoft's new chain of retail stores isn't necessarily a blue screen candidate

WOW! What are their mascots going to be? Three [mentally challenge people] standing outside in blue sweaters called "Control" "Alt" and "Delete"?

Best Friend Quotes: #1

Nothing says hamster like Ginsu.

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