I was all looking forward to getting up at 7am and seeing the City Stages lineup announce on Fox 6 sunday morning. I woke up, iPod Touch in hand, ready to tweet at a moments notice. The news started promptly at 7am.

I was out cold by 7:03.

Needless to say, I ran late getting to work. And, needless to say, I was late getting this post up. The only saving grace is that, to be frank, the lineup announce (so far) stinks. Of the 20 or so "big names" I recognize two as something I would go see. Five others I know the names. And the rest? Well, let's just say unless I win free VIP tickets, I won't be putting up with the crowds at City Stages this year.

As a casual fan, there's just not anyone that grabs at me. Sure, Young Jeezy is a great grab for the rap-lovers in Bham. And Jane's Addiction/Guster is my kinda music. But I look down the list of acts and I see a bad "Now that's what I call music, '90's edition" CD. Here's to hoping that next year they decide to pull some bigger name(s) to the Magic City. Else the Crawfish Boil will eventually overtake...

CORRECTION: I just looked at the schedule for The Schaeffer Crawfish Boil in May. Whoever is in charge of booking for theCrawfish Boil should be kidnaped by the City Stages people. Just look at their lineup: Crawfish Boil Lineup

Yea, I'll be taking the wife to the Crawfish Boil (crazy schedules permitting) waaay before we head out to CityStages. No offense to @CityStages, But I just feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck at The Boil.

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